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Byron L. Potts & Co., L.P.A.
538 East Rich Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Tel: 614-228-2154
Fax: 614-228-2155

Columbus Divorce Law Firm
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Byron L. Potts

Practice Areas Overview

Practice Areas Overview
Family Law | Criminal Law | Bankruptcy |
Personal Injury | Wills, Probate, Traffic Violations

At the law firm of Byron L. Potts & Co., Attorneys at Law, we help people through the legal process whether they come to us for a divorce, criminal charges, bankruptcy, or a simple will.  Our attorneys will stand up to authorities to make sure your rights are respected and your interests are protected.

“No case is too big or too small.” – Byron L. Potts, Attorney at Law

In all of our chosen practice areas, you will be represented by experienced and caring lawyers.  Our practice areas include:

Family Law

In our family law practice, our divorce and child support lawyers will help you get beyond the emotional aspects of divorce to focus on the decisions you need to make.  We offer advice and counsel concerning divorce, child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, and post-decree modifications of child support, custody, and visitation. top of page

Criminal Law

An arrest is a frightening experience for both the arrested person and their family.  Our law firm’s criminal defense attorneys will explain the charges to you, listen to your version of events, and investigate the charges.  We will stand up for you in front of law enforcement and court authorities, making sure your rights are respected every step of the way.
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Sometimes circumstances force people to seek help from the bankruptcy court.  If you feel bankruptcy is the course you need to take, talk to our experienced bankruptcy lawyers.  In Chapter 7 bankruptcies, most debts will be removed.  In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debts will be reorganized so that they can be paid more slowly.  In both cases, you will have immediate relief from creditors.
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Personal Injury

The Columbus auto accident lawyers at our law firm can help you obtain compensation for the injuries you suffered in a car wreck, motorcycle accident, or truck accident.  If you were injured in a slip and fall accident or if you became ill from contaminated food, our personal injury lawyers can help.
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Wills, Probate, Traffic Violations

As Byron L. Potts often says, there are no cases too small for our Ohio law firm.  If you need a simple will, we can help you.  If you want to fight a traffic ticket, call us.  If you need help in Probate Court filing for an adoption or guardianship, our attorneys want to help you.
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The lawyers at our law firm represent clients in the Columbus, Ohio, area including the communities of Mansfield, Springfield, Newark, and Zanesville and  throughout Greene County, Richland County, Licking County, Clark County, Fairfield County, and Franklin County.

The law firm of Byron L. Potts & Co., Attorneys at Law, offers affordable legal services.  Our payment options include payment plans and credit and debit cards.

Free initial consultations.  Evenings and weekends available by appointment.


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